CRYPTOCENTER Vending Machine
CRYPTOCENTER Vending Machine
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Welcome to the CryptoCenter Web Hosting Services!

Our custom built token will have a pegged worth of:




  • Linux cPanel Hosting (Softaculous one-click installation of all the popular apps)
  • WordPress  Websites (easy platform to build the site that you've always wanted)
  • FaucetBox Scrypt Setup/Hosting (http://<yourname>/ Domain included)

The CrypoCenter accepts many different Alt-Coins as payment for all of our services, but here are a few of the benefits to collecting some of the CryptoCenter Digital Asset, and using it for some, or for all of your purchases with us.

  1. CRYPTOCENTER ASSET will never be devalued. Only increased in value with time.
  2. Advanced Payment (5-Month Minimum) Paid with Asset (1-Month FREE Service).
  3. Tokens Bought from Vending Machine can always be sold back to us (see details).
  4. Tokens can be purchased for add-on and upgrading additional services to users.
  5. Users of the CRYPTOCENTER Asset for services will receive Bonus Tokens.
  6. The CRYPTOCENTER Token's functions and uses will be enhanced and updated.
  7. Digital Currencies are not restricted by your Geo Location Crypto.Center

This is the kind of Services that Crypto Currencies where made for_!!!

This vending machine is not currently selling any CRYPTOCENTER.

Sorry for the inconvenience.